Company Profile

GKG Ventures is a brand that is synonymous with innovative and quality construction, architectural superiority, greatest customer service and lucrative partnerships. Since establishment, the fixated vision of the leadership and the enthusiastic service of the workforce has helped the organization to strengthen and grow. Today, GKG has set standards that represent some of the real estate industry’s best practices, and the business continues to raise the bar on excellence and customer satisfaction.

Established in the year 1985 by Mr. Girish Gadiya, the brand today is recognized for its comprehensive offerings and good corporate citizenship. Rooted in Aurangabad and previously known as Giriraj Group, at present, GKG Ventures is celebrated as Pune’s foremost Investment and Real Estate Development Company.

GKG Ventures has inherited an invaluable legacy that has helped it to achieve a distinct place in the market and in the hearts of people. Because it is not just about building magnificent structures, but crafting homes that are welcoming, warm and worth admiring. Along with a solid workforce, Mr. Gadiya continues to discover ideas and tread uncharted paths to build a better future.

GKG Ventures brings pioneering technology, skilled workforce and soaring expertise to the forefront and steadfastly outdoes the industry benchmarks. With a multitude of residential and commercial developments, GKG Ventures adds charisma to the skylines of different cities.